Monday, July 14, 2008


B'L'ing is hosting two entertaining and informative workshops at our space in Art in General's storefront next week!~

"The Secret to Getting What You Want"
July 22nd, 2008 3pm - 6pm

In this workshop Anne Eastman will share the basics of B'L'ing and introduce the uninitiated to the exciting new world of bit torrents!!!! Participants may come prepared with a video they wish to BL. B'L'ing kits will be provided so no one goes home empty-handed!


"The Secret to Knowing What's IN and What's OUT"
July 23rd, 2008 3pm - 6pm

Chris Moukarbel will lead this workshop which will cover the basics of IN/OUT list-making. The group will make a list for FALL 2008.

If you think you might enjoy either of these events, please RSVP to:

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